Episode 112: Media Scrums

Grant is recovering from the beatings he sustained at the media scrums for both Air New Zealand’s and Virgin Blue’s end of year financial results. The news items we cover in this episode were:

  • Air New Zealand’s results were slightly down but looking good for next year
  • Virgin Blue’s results showed that they earned more from flying with less aircraft than Qantas did for the same period. Also said that they’re getting A330’s, dropping Phuket (note for Dan: it’s poo ket), Fiji & Johannesburg
  • Big news from Virgin Blue is that they’re linking up with Etihad to provide flights into the Middle East and on to Europe for their passengers
  • Qantas’ reaction to the latest 787 delay was “We have seen the reports concerning more delays to the 787 and are seeking clarification from Boeing.” (which Ben Sandilands has translated as: “Damn, why weren’t we told about this officially?” :)
  • Air New Zealand’s latest safety video with the All Blacks – Go Granny!!!! :)
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