Episode 206: Hooroo with an iPad

We managed to dig up a couple of interesting stories and they’re not *all* about being nasty to Qantas:

  • Virgin tops Qantas in SkyTrax awards, coming in at an improved 12th best in the world against Qantas’ fall to 15th
  • Qantas are deploying iPads to their pilots for flight crew operating, policy and training manuals, as well as flight plans and, eventually, nav charts & approach plates
  • The Aerial Agriculture Association of Australia slams the government’s Carbon Tax for not having any exemptions for Ag aircraft yet heavy transport is
  • Qantas are venturing into online accommodation sales through a new website called Hooroo! (which is slang for “good bye” – go figure! :)

And with that, we’re out as Steve has to practice his voice-over acting homework…

PS: We also have bloopers for this episode which you can play via the player below:

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