Episode 189: Why, why, wai believe in Red-Q???

It’s a wonderful Autumn day and Grant’s hung over but what the heck, on with the show:

  • Red-Q was supposed to be Qantas’ new premium configured single-aisle A320 international airline that would be 51% controlled by the foreign country it was based in yet would still bring back enough profits to solve the claimed woes in the Qantas international division. Perhaps no surprise but it seems to be dead – or at least comatose thanks to Malaysian Airlines saying they want no part in it
  • Air New Zealand frequent flyers are upset with the new “bid for seats” process recently introduced
  • We drop the “T” word & mention that the RAAF is being offered a 6th KC-30 Tanker (the Airbus A330 based Multi-Role Tanker Transport)
  • Anthony Crichton-Browne represented PCDU on a media ride over Sydney harbour in an Army UH-60 Blackhawk (what, us, jealous???? :)

Music sampled in this episode is Waiwhakamukau by the Artichokes. Caution: Not really safe for work or young kids!

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