Episode 110: Qantas Profit Report

Produced for Airplane Geeks episode 110:

Grant’s still recovering from the Episode 100 party but needs to get better quickly if the threatened Airplane Geeks “police action” goes ahead. Meanwhile, some big news this week:

  • Qantas have released their annual profits which were lower than last year but within the expected range. The 70% of their profit was due to
    their Frequent Flyer Program while most of the aviation profit was made in the first half of the year
  • Qantas A380 diverts to Noumea for first time (due to bad weather)
  • We discuss Qantas Cabin Crew Australia and how Qantas are using it to get Jetstar-like cabin crew pay rates from mainline staff
  • We play a snippet from our Hannes Arch interview, including his comments on racing in New York
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